Prof, Luke Olang



Water science is a major research theme in the IWRM Centre. Under this theme the centre provides a research base that utilizes cutting-edge field, laboratory and modelling approaches by blending expertise in environmental engineering, health, social-economic and business aspects of water research that addresses key challenges in a changing world. The Centre will particularly provide research information and solutions on endangered fresh water habitats due to development, pollution and climate change and fundamental research and training required to understand how, the physical, hydrological, chemical and ecological aspects of fresh water function, and respond to changes of future scenarios (including increasing occurrence of floods (droughts) and changes in water quality). The research activities include: physical activities, such as mapping and monitoring of rivers; ecological activities-such as assessing the effect of extreme weather (e.g. floods and droughts, high temperatures) on stream ecosystems; and understanding environmental-biodiversity linkages in a changing climate among activities relating to hydrology and chemistry of fresh water systems. The main issues that will be addressed here include training at different levels on the adaptation and resilience of fresh water systems for a changing environment.

Appropriate technology is a technology that is designed with special consideration for the environment, ethical, cultural, social and economic aspects of the community it is intended. The appropriate technology (household or community) products are purpose-built or adapted to local needs and conditions. The appropriate technologies include those of water supply and waste water, water and agriculture, water and environment and other water uses. Products and services that solve water and sanitation related issues can generally be grouped into centralized (complex and extensive water and sewerage system) and decentralized (small-scale/stand-alone products that are not connected to a system). The Centre for IWRM, intends to be innovative in the development of affordable and sustainable products and projects for water and sanitation. The centre will work with the relevant TU-K departments, Governments (national and county), and the business community for the mass production of such technologies and computer-based appropriate technologies for water resource management systems (IWMS).



Centre For Integrated Water and Resource Management | Technical University of Kenya.

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