About The Department

CIWRM is a regional center hosted at the Technical University of Kenya aims at creating impact on the ground by developing problem-oriented researchers and knowledge across the region. The Centre facilitates inter-disciplinary research, technology development and innovation in water and related resources within TUK; educate and train the next generation of water professionals; develop and promote practices, policy making for integrated water resources management, with the aim to implement a solid, comprehensive and holistic water management approach; transfer know-how and new methods, practices and tools for integrated water resources management; serve society by being a Knowledge-hub and advocate of water solutions; provide undergraduate and postgraduate students with training and research in water resources management, in collaboration with relevant departments of the Technical University of Kenya; and provide evidence-based solutions and advisory services to stakeholders.

It is anticipated that the Centre will be ISO certified, financially self-sustaining in the long run and that it will be a “cost center” with the ability to manage and allocate resources appropriately. The Centre has a strong research focus and the approach and philosophy applied to the research is to be practical, solution-oriented and hands-on. The research may be conducted by Master’s students or PhD researchers but the application of the research may be relevant to Crafts-persons or Technicians and have daily applications in rural and urban Kenya.  Supervision and quality assurance of research is provided by suitably qualified affiliate members of the Centre.  The following research themes have been identified:

  • Appropriate water technology for poverty alleviation;
  • Water resources planning;
  • Water quality;
  • Sustainable watershed management; and
  • Water governance.


Centre For Integrated Water and Resource Management | Technical University of Kenya.

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