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The Centre For Integrated Water and Resource Management

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About the Directorate

CIWRM is a regional centred hosted at the Technical University of Kenya aims at creating impact on the ground by developing problem-oriented researchers and knowledge across the region.


  • The Center, housed in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology, is currently composed of the following departments:



Prof. Luke Olang’

E-mail: luke.olang@tukenya.ac.ke

Department Structure

The center has the following as core founding departments that participate in the teaching and research activities:

Department of Biosystems and Environmental Engineering,

Department of Chemical Sciences and Technology,

Department of Civil and Construction Engineering,

Department of Ecology and Conservation Biology, 

Department of Geosciences and the Environment. 

Each core department has a liaison person responsible for coordinating the delivery of curricula and research.


hgjDepartment of Water Governance and Sustainability
Department of Water Resource Planning and Management
Department of Kiswahili and African languages
Department of Appropriate Water Resource Technologies

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